Sara Internationale Reisen

Founded : 07.03.1990

Establishment: Private Limited Company.

                         PV123784 / Betriebsstätte Deutschland  GewA 16064046

Chairman of the Board : Dr. Ameer Rifaq

President and CEO : Annett Rechenbach

Head Office : Bastmarkt 34. 99974 Mühlhausen, 

                      Deutschland / Germany

Capital : 500000 €

Banks : Sparkasse - Unstrut Hainich/ Germany

             Commercial Bank


Carry on the business of travel agents and provide all of the services and the facilities to the tourist and travellers visiting country to countries

Establish, maintain, contact and manage to carry on the business of providing health care services, medical services, medical assistance services with doctors, paramedics and clinic, medical centres, hospitals, diagnostic centre, laboratories, pharmacies and ambulance for our customers and members, international companies and their clients and individuals travellers and tourist worldwide.

Promote, contact and manage to carry on the business of medical tourism

Carry on the business of establish maintain and manage the hospitals, medical centres, laboratories, medical diagnostic centres, channelled services, medical emergency services, ambulance services, dental services and allied services on different field of medicine the prevention, care and treatment of any living persons.

# Permanent Employees 

including several Doctors and Ergo/ Physio therapist

# Net work Employees 

Including 331 Doctors and Other medical staff

# Domestic Branches


# Overseas Branches  

United Kingdom, France, Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Kroatien, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Singapore, Indonesia

Major Customers

Individual tourist and travellers

Medical tourism clients

International Insurance Companies clients

Members and Employees of International Companies and Banks


Temporary workers in other countries

Tour operators and their clients

Our direct customers and members

Group of Companies

Sara Maria Medical centre

Sara Anna medical centre

Yahya hospital

Dinara Nursing Home

Sara Pharma company Limited

Zentrum für rehabilitation and

Ayurveda medizin Zentrum

* As of March 31, 2018

Our Vision

We provide great holiday with low cost around the world and ensure you to get the most out of your trip.Whenever, wherever in the world.

We will make sure hassle free, cost free health care needs when you fall sudden illness or emergency medical condition or even simple health problem while travelling outside your country for business or work or leisure.

We are committed to rapid response your health care need.

We deliver the best health care service in quickest manner as possible, wherever you are in the world.

We ensure you that we arrange the best medical care as possible with the highest clinical outcome.

Our Mission

We grow and prosper together with our customers, by providing services of greater value of them.

We create a work environment that hassle free, cost free medical service to the customer and encourages and guarantee to the Service providers.

We provide all services and facilities to the customers to make sure their trip memorable, marvellous holiday for ever.


1990 March

Started first medical centre with 3 employees

1993 September

Started second medical centre

1994 June

Establish third medical centre with Dental Surgery

1997 August

Started to manufacture first aid surgical dressing kit

2005 December

Establish and Develop the medical centre as Sara Maria medical Centre

2006 November

Started Medical service providing tourist and travellers

2007 July

Enter into Pharmaceutical Business

2012 March

Merge together with Zentrum für rehabilitation

2013 May

Started Medical service providing internationally

2014 December

Started a travel company

2015 April

Re-establish and joint several international companies

2017 July

Restructure the company and establish as Sara Internationale Reisen

2017 August

Expand to provide all the services and facilities to the tourist and travellers as a travel agent and providing medical services in most of Asian countries

2017 October

Expand the service to more European countries

* As on December 2017

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Bastmarkt 34
99974 Mühlhausen






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